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Canto de Aves Hoteles en Malinalco


We care for the enviroment

Concept: Eco friendly

Our mission is to provide guests and visitors an excellent service. Offer pleasant experiences and enjoyment of beauty, quality design and comfort in our facilities, so that during their stay they perceive with all their senses: views, textures, sounds, aromas and flavours from natural, cultural and artistic sources surrounding our hotel.


Our aim is to be the best tourist accommodation that combines quality design and environmental care; that provides excellent hosting services, food and beverages; that operates with forefront technologies and environmental practices; and that helps local economic and social development of Malinalco and the region.


Our objective in Canto de Aves Quinta Boutique, is to offer pleasant experiences in a relaxing atmosphere in our suites that combine bioclimatic and quality design, and where you will spend unforgettable days with your partners.




Our slogan is the pleasure of the senses because we consider that extent, beauty and traquility not only invite our guests to admire nature but to stimulate their senses:


Sight: beutiful green landscape, exotic flowers contrasting with different colours, butterflies and other species; the mountain, sky clarity and starry nights.


Ear: enjoy birds songs, the running of the river and from time to time the silence of the nature.


Smell: with aromas from flowers and fruits, from humid soil and from the amenities provided.


Taste: Delight a rich and exquisite variety of food elaborated with fresh and healthy ingredients, some of them are prepared using the fruits, flowers and aromatic plants from our gardens.


Touch: when you hug a tree, touch the tenderness of a flower, feel the morning breeze.    


The pleasure comes from the authentic and simple.


Hoteles con alberca en Malinalco